Relief from Tech Headaches

Modern life can be complicated. We’re routinely expected to be able to choose, configure, and use complicated systems such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Many new appliances and home devices are based on similar digital technology, and they often require configuration and connection to your home network. Instructions for setting up and working with such systems may be less than clear. Worse, because many different components may be involved, it can be difficult to track down and solve problems when things don’t work as they should.

I can help with that. Designing, developing, and debugging digital systems has long been my job. Call on me if you need a hand with choosing or using such systems as:

  • computers, tablets, smart phones and smart watches
  • networking and Wi-Fi
  • printers and scanners
  • cloud storage
  • streaming video
  • home automation
  • smart appliances

I can also provide assistance with:

  • backup schemes
  • transferring data from an old system to a new one
  • E-mail setup and migration
  • custom domain names for E-mail and/or web publishing
  • custom scripting/programming

Have other tech frustrations or needs? Feel free to ask me about them.